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The Bangor Bell Comes Home!
On Sunday 20 September 2009 the Diocese of Down and Dromore began a season of continuous prayer and invited parishioners throughout the diocese to take part.  Bangor Abbey (which enjoyed a 24/7 expression of prayer long before it became trendy!) held 24 hours of prayer beginning at 8.00 pm on Wednesday 21 October.  The prayer vigil concluded with a service of Holy Communion on Thursday 22 October, and on a very special evening in Bangor Abbey, the Bangor Bell came 'home' to the site where it first rang out at Holy Communion over 1000 years ago.  Our thanks are due to Ian Wilson and the Bangor Museum for allowing us to 'borrow' the bell and to bring our 24 hours of continuous prayer to an end in such an appropriate and memorable way.  Below are some photos of the event.